FAMAX Engineering has established on June 1997. It is one of the ever growing company in Malaysia. In year 2006 onwards our FAMAX Engineering was expanded and the name was changed from FAMAX Engineering to FMEFAMAX Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd.  

The company underwent a major transformation in this few years and to date, the Group’s spectrum of activities now consist of three main area of business namely manufacturer, fabrication & engineering works and construction & civil engineering

FMEFAMAX is know-how and service guarantee and timely assistance. Our main mission is to achieve a concrete success in the industry and build the Brand Image of the company beyond the heights.

With expansion plans entailing a further growth of the sales network FMEFAMAX aims at improving both the competitiveness of its products and the effectiveness of the customer service.  

Our management philosophy focuses on developing an interactive, inclusive working relationship among the client and FMEFAMAX team. In every market place FMEFAMAX is committed to improve the customer satisfaction by offering state of the art technologies and shorter deliveries.





FMEFamax Group shall endeavour to meet any business needs in market requirements and to achieve a concrete success in the industry and build the Brand Image of the group beyond the heights.


FMEFamax Group are committed to provide One Stop Total System solutions of the highest quality to achieve customer satisfaction.